Applications of Digital Technologies to Humanities Research

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5 credits

Course Type:

Lecture, lab.

Catalog Course Description:

This course will provide students a hands-on project-based approach to imaging, new media, text, databases, metadata and accessibility, rights management and other issues central to contemporary humanities research.

Course Outcomes


Content and Evaluation


This course is comprised of a mixture of readings, lectures, lab sessions, and project assignments.

The course covers a wide range of material. Students will be expected to read and understand technical information that will not be presented in lecture form. Lectures will presume that students have learned the reading material. Group sessions will focus on readings and ensure that key concepts are extracted.

Lab sessions will focus on the practicalities of organizing and executing web-based presentation of project data.

Additional lectures and guest presenters will focus on presentation and discussion of issues particular to various research areas: text, imaging, new media, databases, etc.

The course will, where possible, connect with research current in various arts and humanities disciplines, providing concrete examples for student projects. For example, student teams might work together to "mine" an existing electronic archive, extract metadata, and provide a scheme for linking to related electronic resources.


Course Outline

Week 1: Introductory
Week 2: Rights management
Week 3: Imaging
Week 4: New media 1 - video
Week 5: New media 2 - audio
Week 6: Text
Week 7: Databases
Week 8: Metadata and Accessibility
Week 9: Project Presentations
Week 10: Preservation

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