Design and Fabrication Tutorial

    How to build a Motorized Pan Tilt Mount System
    Introduction to Mechatronics and the Fremont DX facilities by Philomène Longpré

    This motorized pan/tilt system will allow you to mount any camcorder, small video projector, sensors, or sculptural parts while allowing a nice smooth right or left turn as well as a horizontal inclination.
    This introduction will cover basic design and fabrication techniques on how to mount motors, fabricate your own couplings, machine parts on the cnc mill, and tap holes… Also, you will find a brief introduction on actuators, bearings, worm drives, as well as remote controls.

    Intro | Kit Requirements | STEP 01 | STEP 02 | STEP 03 | STEP 04 | STEP 05 | STEP 06 | STEP 07 | STEP 08 | STEP 09 | STEP 10


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