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Course Number Course Pages
DXARTS 198A Digital Fabrication for Artists (Discovery Seminar)
DXARTS 200 Fall 2013 Digital Art and New Media: History, Theory, Practice
DXARTS 200 Fall 2014 Digital Art and New Media: History, Theory, Practice
DXARTS 200-2 Fundamentals
DXARTS 400 Undergraduate Research Studio
DXARTS 450 Digital Video Foundations
DXARTS 450A Summer Digital Video Foundations
DXARTS 450B Digital Video Foundations
DXARTS 451-2 - 2014 Experiments in Digital Video Art
DXARTS 460 Digital Sound Capstone
DXARTS 460A Summer Digital Sound Capstone
DXARTS 460B Summer Digital Sound Capstone
DXARTS 461-3 / MUSIC 401-3 Digital Sound Synthesis, Composition, Research
DXARTS 470 Sensing and Control Systems for Digital Art
DXARTS 471-3 Mechatronic Art, Design, and Fabrication
DXARTS 490A SP13 Embedded Systems
DXARTS 490B SUM13 Film Production
DXARTS 490 AU13 Art And The Brain
DXARTS 490 Winter14 Art And The Environment
DXARTS 490 Winter15 Art And The Environment: Listening To The Distance
DXARTS 490 SP14 Surveilance Culture: Privacy, Publicity, Art, Technology
DXARTS 491-3 Senior Thesis
DXARTS 499 Stereoscopy Research Group
DXARTS 500 Performance Reading Group
DXARTS 565 Spectral Modeling
DXARTS 567 Sound In Space
DXARTS 598 Systems

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Ballard Fab Lab also CAD/CAM, CNC, Electronics + Fabrication Tutorials.
Sound Lab 117, 113 and 205
129 Lab equipment in computer lab


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