Web Based Calendaring


    • Totally customizable look & feel
    • 30 boxes or list view
    • Can easily associate calendar items with other things (e.g. user profiles)
    • Integrates with pub-cookie login
    • Easy to add event hooks (e.g. send email, post to other web service, etc. whenever an event is created/updated)
    • Webcal feeds and downloadable ical events possible with ri_cal
    • Easily extensible meta data
    • No real support to deal with recurring events
    Useful Links

    Google Calendar

    • Excellent support for recurring events
    • Rich UI
    • Familiar UI for existing Google Apps users
    • Easy calendar embedding via iframe
    • Fine grained permissions via Google Apps calendar settings panel
    • Possible to wrap our own UI around event creation (Gcal4Ruby) to create event hooks
    • Baked-in iCal, webcal feeds
    • No control of look and feel for embedded calendars
    • Slow REST API for interaction (i.e. terrible for searching past events, or using our own UI for date creation)
    • No pubcookie integration (unless we wrap our own UI around the Gcal4Ruby library)
    • Building our own UI around date management is probably a significant chunk of work
    Useful Links

    Apple Calendar Server

    Not sure if this is even a viable option...


    • Excellent support for recurring events
    • Rich UI
    • Webcal feeds and downloadable ical events
    • No control of look and feel
    • Not sure if there's a good library for interacting with the data (calDAV)
    • No pubcookie integration


    jQuery plugin which can pull from a custom feed (including Google Calendar)


    • Can be back-ended into Google Calendar
    • Customizable view/theme
    • Flexible data source
    • Relies on Javascript
    • No front end for event management - we'd have to build, or use Google Calendar
    Useful Links


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