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    Things to fix, think about, and get amped on. Get amped.

    Nuts and Bolts

    I can't get the email linking to work... see the link to email Cynthia here: https://www2.dxarts.washington.edu/undergraduate-program/advising?mode=view
    JH: works for me. Maybe your mailto configuration on your local machine is janked? It should launch your default email app, whatever that is...
    We should consider putting a Title at the top of the navigation bar on the left that tells us where we are. Or perhaps just make the top navigation menu item orange where we are. For example, go directly here: https://www2.dxarts.washington.edu/undergraduate-program/application?mode=viewNote that we don't know what application this is for right away... undergrad, grad? If we knew we were in the undergrad section, this would be more apparent.
    JH: lots of options here. There's something wrong with the main menu rendering. It should highlight the current section you're in. I'll track down the bug. I'm also planning on adding breadcrumbs to the main content section. This will give you a clear picture of where you are in the navigational hierarchy and facilitate moving around, too. There's other ways to tackle this problem as well.
    Broke the gallery! In Safari, entering fullscreen mode in the gallery, navigate through the slideshow and when you rollover from the dance piece photo with the chairs to the shot of the big wall crack, it gets janked and only half-loads the crack photo until you hit next, when the remaining chair photo starts to fade to the plotter photo but then all 3 of these fade to the light photo. Trippy.
    JH: I can't reproduce this. Maybe show me when I'm near your machine? What version of Safari/Mac OS, etc?


    If we want to add an image or other media gallery to some section (for example, an undergraduate "gallery", perhaps images in the events section, etc), how will this be formatted and do we disable the background image or otherwise treat it so it's not as prevalent?
    JH: see my suggestion below re: grad student galleries.
    Grad student profile pages? Do we have a design for these? I don't remember ever seeing one. Can we mock one up? A related question, is how much info do we have on these profile pages, esp. if grads have their own websites. I do think that we should have some information and media on our own site, even if it's brief or distilled compared to more in-depth documentation which may be on individual grad pages. This will help them stay engaged with our web presence and also give us new content for the gallery.
    JH: one way to manage this would be to reuse the background image gallery for profile pages. Just have some thumbnails on the profile page that, when clicked, transition to the full screen background gallery. This would encourage people to upload images that can be used as the background for the main site. Perhaps, we shouldn't mix, though. People may not want to supply hi-res images of everything....
    Maja's proposal (doesn't include any sort of gallery):

    • Do we keep the FAQ on the undergrads page? If so, how do we format this??
    • Put Title under category on people page
    • Enable "directory" view
    • Clickable boxes for each facility, different from the text-based format.
    • Design for the facilities page... how will the gallery function?
    • Where do the class pages live now?
    • Does the News need a sidebar?
    • Perhaps the events archive could have a past, current, upcoming menu divisions? is that necessary?
    • Should we have common, persistent sidebar items, like "contact", etc?
    • The uppermost bar (static) with the dxarts name and "login" on it blends in with the browser too much, and draws a strange resemblance to the content blocks (not static)?
    • Fremont wiki link in the facilities sidebar.
    • Can we have text over images when scrolled over? Thinking for facilities photos captions that elaborate on what the picture illustrates.
    • Paul and Barbara are faculty, not affiliates
    • Who writes promo blurbs, descriptions, etc?
    • Link to Events from main page? Will this page be structured like the News page? Can we build an app for users to be able to upload the content and have it consistently formated so media, links, etc are all handled the same way across multiple posts.
    • Can we have images associated with news? For example an event or lecture flyer, images relating to a featured show or work.
    • Should the news items be just listed, or have some other division in between them (individual boxes?)
    • undergrad gallery, with work, class shots, instruction, building, etc..
    • Have a "gallery" link on nearly every page? Switches to "gallery" mode, or is a separate "gallery" page
      • if this is the case, maybe we need to have a format for descriptions of captions designed for the gallery, not a lot of info, but more than Title and Artist.
    • Put a limit on how wide floating text boxes get. How do avoid very sparse pages? http://www2.dxarts.washington.edu/undergraduate-program
    • make the dxarts one-sentence-blurb box a different color (like orange)
    • write blurbs for facilities
    • advising tabs in grad and undergrad pages
    • Where does a "research" or "projects" page fit in?
    • Grad and undergrad FAQ?
    • add "jump to" links on Raitt/Fremont section pages
    • About Us page
    • Temporarily hosting profile pages for those who don't have their own websites
    For Staff Meeting:
    • How to handle affiliate faculty - profiles? Who contacts them for their permission to use photos, bios, etc..
    • Cut Back PhD to Pdf. Timeline overview.

    For Jen/Jesse:
    • Fill out missing profiles - particularly affiliate faculty, faculty, etc.
    • Fill in Grad information
    • Fill out facility pages


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