Download file "DXARTS_WEBSITE_AUDIT_results_0210.pdf"


Website user types
• Students
o Grad
o Undergrad
o Prospective
o Alumni
• Faculty
o Full time
o TAs
o Associated
o Potential
• Digital art and experimental media industry
• Everybody else
• Users with special needs (DO-IT serves to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities - http://www.washington.edu/doit/)

Frequent user types
• Students
o Grad
o Undergrad
o Prospective
• Faculty
o Full time
o TAs

Characteristics of a great website
• Simple
o Has less information but tightly presented
o No clutter
o No pop ups
• Efficient
o Fast
o Loads quickly
o No additional installs
o Allows exploration of the website pages with easy return to the initial or previous positions without getting lost in data
• User friendly
o Intuitive navigation
• Visually appealing
o Engaging
• Extractable/referencable information
o High quality dynamic content
o Providing a backbone system which easily leads to more information

Upgrading the DXARTS website
• Create innovative website - look and feel of DXARTS that embodies idea of innovative art
• Improve in terms of organization (at the moment it is hard for someone not used to it to get to the information they need and to understand what DXARTS is really about)
• Dynamic presentation of all DXARTS related work (faculty, grad, undergrad)
• Dynamic aggregator of knowledge related to DXARTS (wiki) - active online workspaces where knowledge was referred to, collected, and archived. E.g., a proficient and unified wiki model for all the courses (which can later be adapted for each course). Wiki would also allow students to build a body of work or research together using version control, history, and comments. Unified model would provide a better opportunity for content generated in classes to be used in future and in different classes. In that case, course websites wouldn’t need to be public. As in most other academic websites, the DXARTS website can only have a short description of all courses. This could all be done in one courses page.
• Interactive platform among users (web 2.0) – user generated content and real time social networking
• Filtering content – for public, students, faculty (MyUW, coursework, admissions, research, and redirect visitors back to UW's homepage), staff
• Online portal to DXARTS facilities (Fremont lab, safety and policies, etc.)
• Featured rotating media of course work by students (for creating the effect of surprise and delight)
• DXARTS distilled into dynamic content on the homepage (quotes, lecture video, etc.)

Redesign tasks
Content management
• Revise the content - less but tightly presented information (at the moment there is too much text, too much information to convey a message)
• Generating real-time content
• Change search system (at the moment search is done through Google but it should be DXARTS engine)
o Extractable/referencable information
• Eliminate typfellers
• Integrate real time social networks – deflicious, facebook, twitter, tumbir… (this is up and coming practice, e.g. Google already integrates real-time social network updates into their search results)

Information architecture
• Revise the navigation - minimize number of clicks (too many links to get to the desired content)
• No easy return without using browser’s return button
• Get access to dxarts.com domain

Visual redesign
• Establish updated DXARTS look and feel, generate DXARTS identity/brand guide – standards for DXARTS logo, color palette, typography, graphic elements
o Refresh color palette
o Better resolution of the type and graphics
• Use brand color and logo only as a light motive of the page, rest should white space filled with images of DXARTS related work, and associated information
• Improve layout of images and text
o Central layout
o Fewer columns
o Separate top section
o Solid areas of screen real-estate
o Less but bigger text
o Bold text introductions
• Revamp homepage
o Provide quick links to all relevant links at the homepage
o Display easy cues for navigation
o Feature rotating media of course work by grads, faculty and undergrads
o Feature upcoming news and events (more often)
o Integrate social networks
• DXARTS distilled into dynamic content on the homepage (quotes, lecture video, etc.)
• Change people page – better navigation, grid, deorangized pics
• Design wikis, knowledge databases, in the spirit of the DXARTS new look and feel
• Design portfolio pages and media players in the spirit of the DXARTS new look and fee


RISD http://www.risd.edu/graduate/studies/Default.aspx

o Visually striking
o Rich content but minimal look
o Central and dynamic layout
o Separate sections – text and visuals
o Bold text introductions
o Less information but precise
o No clutter
o Easy to navigate
o Solid areas of screen real-estate – graphic background featuring artwork
o Multimedia

OTIS http://www.otis.edu/

The Andy Warhol Foundation http://warholfoundation.org/

o Same characteristics as in previous example
o Also a great example of a website that embodies the spirit of the organization and communicates Warhol’s aesthetic
o Separate sections – clear (to-the-point) navigation
o Subtle (pop up) integration of social networks

Columbia University’s Architecture School http://www.arch.columbia.edu/
o Simple but loaded with content
o Separate sections (news, events, announcements, new additions, recent hits, today@..., calendar, tags used, tags viewed)
o Full integration of Web 2.0 applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, usercentered design, and collaboration on the www that through users and interactive applications generates relevant information on daily basis (Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, etc.)
o Filters for public and internal pages (log in)

ITP people section http://itp.nyu.edu/itp/people/people.php

o List of all people (students, alumni, faculty, adjuncts, staff)
o Filters
o Search
o Sorting
o Personal pages


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