Questions for Development: 5

    Responses can be posted in the comments below the wiki, please refer to the question number when responding.


    1. What’s the most difficult artwork you have to document? What would you need to be able to document it? (speak both realistically and otherwise)
    2. Can “see the edges” of these projects by the way it’s organized? are there clear boundaries between works, between works and experiments? is that a good thing?
    3. What are primary goals with layout? We want to avoid burying info in the site, while also maintaining clear divisions of ideas and “snapshots” of DXARTS.
    4. What language have you developed in your research that may need to be represented in the documentation? For example, if you're making a robotic exoskeleton, how might your documentation be relevant for the people in the Bio Robotics lab on the other side of campus? And how might this language sit with peer artists?


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