Preparation Checklist

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    To be completely in large part at least ONE WEEK before the concert

    • Information for Meany
      • Create speaker plots and stage plots for each piece, with lighting preferences, if any, for Peter
      • Count audio and video lines running to/from the stage to send the count
      • Ask performers about need for stage monitors and music stands, tables, chairs, etc. and request from Meany as necessary
      • Other tech requests:
        • Microphones (which, how many)
        • Announcement mic
        • mixer table (which row)
        • at least 2 lamps and talkback system at mixer table
        • speaker rigging if needed
    • Gear lists for DXARTS:
      • Microphones
      • speaker and sub count + extras
      • tripod/platform stands or clamps for speakers
      • Mixer, converters, crossover
      • Mic stands
      • Recorder with soundfield for documenation
      • Cable bins (ADAT, BNC, TDIF, XLR patch cables, snakes)
      • 1/4" to XLR cable drawer
      • XLR spools
      • hand carts, ratchet straps
      • Tool/Tape supplies bin
    • Prepare decoders with software crossovers if needed
    • Signal routing diagram at the mixer
    • Signal routing diagram for the hall
    • Confirm the sample rate of all the files/software for uniform playback
    • Crew for recording Audio and Video of the concert
    • Crew to manage tasks: Speaker Placement, Audio Routing, Power routing
    • Concert Programs
    • Comp ticket head count, send to Music for ordering
    • Sound out emails
      • To Class TAs and CompLab with a message soliciting volunteers for helping with load-in/out
      • To all composers and performers with Load-In and rehearsal schedule
    • Reserve an 8' box truck with a lift gate for load-in and load-out: http://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/fleetservices/


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