Mixer Reference: 7

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    Mixer Setup and Routing

    Download file "DM-4800_OM_B.pdf"

    Initial Setup


    • Notes to remember
      • You can group channels but NOT busses
      • You can only EQ channels
      • You can Compress CHANNELS and BUSSES and AUX
      • Be sure to confirm the clock settings you want to use. The mixer won't sound if there's no clock set. (Project > Clock)
      • AUX Channels can be convenient for monitor send
      • The Encoder mode section of the board (right) will change the rotary encoders between different functions, giving you access/visibility to other busses/channels (such as aux channel and master sends, panning, etc)
      • You can route many sources/channels to busses, but only one source to hardware outputs. In other words sum channels on busses before output.

    Mixer Breakdown

    • Shut down mixer properly: Ctrl+Shift+Alt
    • Keep power, firewire, meter bridge cable wrapped up with the mixer
    • return meter bridge screws to their holes on the board

    Troubleshooting/Notes to Remember

    • ADAT option card on the mixer INPUTS DO NOT WORK. Outputs work fine.
    • On the Rosetta 800, if the sample rate won't sync over WC, you may need to hold down the "SYNC" button, and manually alter the sample rate range so it's not SMUX'ing


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