Video Lab Upgrade - 2011 STF Planning


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Mac Pro

6 and 12 core machines were added in the August 2010 update. We'll at least want 8 core machines with 10+ GB of RAM. Blu-ray drives are still not a build-to-order option after this update.

3D Projector

LightspeeD has released its 3rd revision to it portable stereo projector line, the DepthQ HDs3D-1. It adds HDMI input and has a higher brightness (2700 ANSI Lumens). It costs $2995 as of July 2010.


Adobe Production Premium

CS5 added 64-bit support to After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop, allowing them to address more than 4GB of RAM. CS6 will likely be released in the fall of 2011, so we'll have a difficult decision on whether to wait for that or go for CS5 at the end of its product cycle.
The Master Collection costs 70% more than Production Premium and probably wouldn't add significant enough benefits for students.

Final Cut Studio

Hopefully this will be 64bit by the time we need to purchase and fully support Blu-ray authoring.

Magic Bullet Grinder

Magic Bullet Grinder

"Convert DSLR Video to Edit-Friendly Formats, Add Timecode, and Generate Proxies

Magic Bullet Grinder is a new tool that converts DSLR video to edit-friendly formats for smooth playback and faster rendering. With Magic Bullet Grinder, you now have a fast way to get DSLR footage from video-capable Canon DSLR cameras into your Final Cut Pro timeline for editing, add timecode, and generate proxies, all in a single, time-saving pass. Batch processing and multi-threading mean fast, painless conversion – and editing can start even while shooting on location." ( more information )