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2010 3Space Planning


Download file "2009_002_1.pdf" CARTAH: 3Space Laboratory 2009_002_1 ($126,629)

Download file "2009_003_1.pdf" DXARTS: High Definition Post-Production Workflows 2009_003_1 ($101,450)

Download file "2009_003_2.pdf" DXARTS: High Definition Field and Post Production Pipeline 2009_003_2 ($34,826)


Download file "2008_042_1.pdf" CARTAH: Audio Capture Kits, Performance Gear and Lab Supplements 2008_042_1 ($83,256)

Download file "2008_043_1.pdf" DXARTS: High Definition Video Production Package 2008_043_1 ($106,975.55)


Download file "2007_052_1.pdf" DXARTS: High Definition Video for Interactive Performance Systems 2007_052_1 ($104,330)

Download file "2007_085_1.pdf" CARTAH: Workstation Refresh, Grid Computing, and Studio Upgrade 2007_085_1 ($194,849)

Download file "2007_086_1.pdf" DXARTS: Apple XSAN Modular Server and Storage System Initiative 2007_086_1 ($24,760.14)

Download file "2007_088_1.pdf" DXARTS: Performance and Embedded Technology Toolkit 2007_088_1 ($70,004)


Download file "2006_083_1.pdf" DXARTS: The Immersive Cinematic 3D Creativity Toolkit 2006_083_1 ($164,479.12)


Download file "2005_079_1.pdf" DXARTS: Incubator Open Studio 2005_079_1 ($294,824)


Download file "2004_104_1.pdf" DXARTS: 3D Audio Lab 2004_104_1 ($38,480)

Download file "2004_091_1.pdf" DXARTS: New Labs and Studios Launch 2004_091_1 ($299,793.63)

Download file "2003_046_1.pdf" DXARTS: Capstone Digital Arts Tools 2003_046_1 ($124,511)

Download file "2002_392_1.pdf" CARTAH Lab Enhancement and Refresh 2002_392_1 ($144,291)

Download file "2002_426_1.pdf" DXARTS Performance, Film, and Art Installation Support Equipment 2002_426_1 ($83,596)

Download file "2001_289_1.pdf" CARTAH Macintosh Workstation Refresh 2001_289_1 ($23,433)