General Checkout Instructions

    The RED ONE kit (UW# 1261359) is contained in two kits - one kit for the camera and another for additional hardware. Usually a heavy duty tripod* and the Carl Zeis 4 lens kit (UW# 30094257) will be checked out along with the RED.

    * The Miller DS-60 HD Heavy Duty Tripod (UW #1234164) is preferred for use with the RED ONE, but the Manfroto 532 with 510 heads should be OK although the setup won't be as steady. DO NOT USE the general purpose 501 tripods

    Setting up the RED ONE

    Tripod Setup (if using Miller DS-60)

    1. Mount on tripod (be sure mount uses 2 tripod screws; check plastic accessory bag if only one is in the plate.
    2. Center the quick release plate in the front first, then push down in back.
    3. Make sure the plate has securely snapped into place before letting go of the camera.

    Support Rods and Battery Setup

    1. Insert two 12" Support Rod Rail on top of camera. These will be used to attach battery plate
    2. Attache battery plate to 12" support rod
    3. Plug the cable into the back of the camera, on the bottom right by the Power label. Note that 3 ports are taped over to avoid plugging the power into the wrong port. If the tape is missing and you are unsure which port to use, please contact techstaff@dxarts.washington.edu Using the wrong port can permanently damage the camera.
    4. Slide the battery into the battery plate.
    Alternatively Powered from AC:
    1. To power the camera up from a RED-CHARGER, connect it via the supplied power cable.
    2. Plug the RED-CHARGER into an AC power source and switch it on.
    3. After the green LED illuminates on the RED-CHARGER, the camera can be powered on by pressing its On/Off switch
    1. Plug the RED CHARGER into an AC power source between (120 – 240V).
    2. Plug one end of the supplied 6-pin power cable into the AUX power output connector of the charger.
    3. Plug the other end of the power cable into the POWER connector on the rear of the camera.
    4. Turn on the charger.
    5. When the LED above the RED CHARGER AUX power output connector turns green, you can turn on the camera.

    LCD Setup

    1. Attach one of the RED LCD arms (there are two options) to the front of camera 1/4" hole (by the front of the support rail).
    2. Position the arm so that the LCD will be roughly level for attaching.
    3. Screw the LCD onto the top portion of the arm (entire LCD needs to rotate). Tighten with washer at end.
    4. Connect the labeled LCD Cable to the LCD first and then to the camera MONITOR port on the right side of the camera (when viewed from the back of the camera).

    Lens Setup

    1. Take the lens cap off the front of the camera and store in the lens case or somewhere safe.
    2. Remove lens cap from back of lens. The camera is setup with an adapter to take 35mm Nikon F mount lenses.
    3. From the front of the camera, make sure the red handle is rotated all the way to the right (counter clockwise).
    4. Take lens, holding almost upside down until flush with the mount.
    5. Rotate lens counter clockwise.
    6. Pull red handle clockwise to lock into place.
    7. While still holding lens, test to make sure that the connection is secure.
    8. Remove front lens cap from lens.
    *The camera has no internal ND filter. When shooting in bright environments, use provided ND filters (from the RED hardware case) on the front of the lens.

    Turning the Camera On

    1. Power up the camera by pushing the black button on the bottom left of the back of the camera.
    2. Power up the 7" LCD on the top of the camera (top left button with the I/0 symbol).
    The camera normally takes a couple of minutes to boot up.

    Taking Down the RED ONE

    Reverse all the steps above to pack up the RED ONE (e.g. Battery out first before unplugging power cable).

    The cable heads are fragile so be gentle when pulling the heads out. Pull from the textured metal part of the head, NOT the black cable.

    Interface Notes

    Media menu » Unmount before taking out compact flash card.
    Leave QT Proxies checked

    The Project » Configure Menu is where most setting changed:

    • 23.98 fps
    • Default resolution 4K 2:1 (4096 x 2048) 2K effectively doubles focal length equivalent of lens (e.g. cropping in), but allows for more options of frame rate.
    • Video Menu - Rec709 default color space
    Sensor Menu (button on back)

    Push 1 on left of camera (below red button) to zoom in for critical focus

    Batteries last 45-60 minutes.

    Recording start and stop, hit red button on back or left side of camera.


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