Mac mini Field Kits

    For installations with Mac minis that don't have any video output, it can be inconvenient to have to bring a display, keyboard and mouse whenever configuration/maintenance is required. Here's an easier way that should work if you have your laptop and firewire or ethernet cable:

    1. Use an ethernet or firewire cable to connect your laptop to the Mac mini.
    2. In the Finder on your laptop, select the Go » Network menu item.
    3. Select the Mac mini from the list of discovered devices on your laptops subnet(s).
    4. Click the Shard Screen… button.
    5. Enter the account name and password for the Mac mini.

    You should now have a window that lets you see the Mac mini's [virtual] display and control it with your laptops keyboard and trackpad.

    If this doesn't work, it's likely that screen sharing is turned off on the Mac mini. We'll try to have this on by default, but if you run into this issue, you can enable screen sharing in the Sharing System Prefence pane (one time display need). While there, also check that screen sharing is enabled for the account you will be using (and perhaps turn off dxlocal since so many people know the password).

    Sharing over WiFi may also be possible, but would depend on network access or setting up an ad-hoc network on the mini first. For instance, on campus we could have UW IT add the wireless MAC address to it's whitelist so it would always be allowed access without uwnetid and password.


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