Checkout update suggestions

    Purpose of this page

    • Propose ideas to make the checkout system more efficient, usable, etc.


    Site Specific
    • Use AJAX to allow single page checkout/checkin (sample here: http://www.jesseallen.com/dbx)
    • Show bundle with good/missing/broken status for each component (also make editable in checkout interface so people checking things in or out can update the status of the bundle on the fly. Doing this would eliminate the need to keep the missing equipment Google Doc).
    • Include comments box (similar to the attention list on current checkin interface)
    Scanning tool
    • Scan once for information box to appear
      • Server determines if the item is checked out, reserved, or available.
      • If Checked out
        • Double Scan checks equipment in
        • Option to extend reservation becomes available
      • If Reserved
        • Double Scan checks item out to client
        • Option to cancel reservation becomes available (add to change reservation to another date)
      • If available
        • Double Scan focuses on client id and waits entry before checking out
    • Backup in case something goes wrong, this looks like a good solution: http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/mysqlscript.htm
    • Add components (items listed in bundles) to items
      • item_ID: which item this component belongs to
      • Name: the name of the component
      • Status: present/broken/missing
    EX. Camera A comes with:
    bag (present), camera (present), AV cable (present), UV lens (broken), 1GB card (missing), 1GB card (present)
    • Add Techstaff Notes to an item so we can note anything relevant to that item's history, for example if it's partially broken, missing items, has a pending change to a kit, etc. These notes would be dated.
    • Complete checkout info BY ITEM: clicking on an item (or scanning) gives a dialogue box to show checkout history and future reservations, what GROUP it's assigned to (important!).
    • When clicking on a group, show it's items (not the full inventory that can be added to it) and it's members. An "add item" option would then present a dialogue to enter an item number, or select an equipment category from which you can choose multiple items to add at once.

    Changes to MySQL
    • Split bundles into individual components instead of splicing the list in PHP


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